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Welcome Back to School!

I am Ashley McCoy, the new reading strategist at Hayfield Elementary.

I will work with students in grades K-5.  As a reading strategist, I focus solely on reading and supporting students with their reading.  Essentially, what I do is work with the classroom teachers to determine what level a student is reading at and provide supports so that they can continue progressing in their reading.  To provide these reading supports, I will push-in to classrooms and work with students during their guided reading/small group times.  I will also pull students into small groups in my own classroom to work in a more individualized setting as needed.

You can view my introduction presentation for students at the following link (only available until October 9).

Ms. McCoy Introduction Presentation

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Fast Facts about Ms. McCoy

1. I grew up in northwestern Montana.

2. I have taught both elementary students and 7-12 English.

3. I moved to Minnesota because my sister who works at Mayo convinced me to join her here.

4. I recently published a book for teachers called Reading & Writing With Meaning.

5. I love reading, writing, hiking, baking, knitting, walking, and riding my bike.