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So anyone that is remotely interested in computers and technology knows they have a touch of the GEEK in them.  If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory on TV and thought to yourself, yup that’s me right there, then you are in the right place.  This is GEEK CENTRAL.  All Technology All the Time!

OK, it’s official!  The Computer Throne was actually built.  Many thanks to Emily Grav & Josh Jacobsen for all of their hard work.  They did this on their own time and did an AMAZING job with it.  This was built 100% from old technology equipment (Computer, Printers, Monitors, UPS’s) that has now been sent out for electronic recycling.  The credit for the idea to build this beauty goes to Cam Stadler. What a great memory!!  Click here for additional photos.

Computer Throne 2-r