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Belinda Selfors

Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent’s Welcome

Welcome to Hayfield Community Schools!


Welcome to Hayfield Community Schools!  As the Superintendent of Schools, I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with the students, parents, staff and community members of the Hayfield School District.

Previously to working in Hayfield, I was a math teacher and assistant principal for from 1983 through 1998 at Agassiz Middle School in Fargo, North Dakota.  From 1998 through 2014, I had the privilege to work as the Junior High School and Secondary School principal at Sauk Centre.  In July of 2014, I continued my professional journey in education and moved into the superintendency at Hayfield Community Schools.

My family includes my husband, Kevin, who is a sales representative for Burns Industrial Supply Company.  He travels throughout the state of Minnesota as well as the eastern parts of North and South Dakota.  Our son, Ben, is working in security in Fargo, North Dakota.  My husband and I reside in the Hayfield community and we have enjoyed meeting and getting to know the friendly people who live and work here.

At Hayfield Community Schools, our vision is “A Caring Community Inspiring Lifelong Learning.”  Our staff are committed to provide a safe learning environment that engages, challenges, and inspires students for life.

Our staff at Hayfield Community Schools are eager and ready to provide our students with the high-quality education that they so richly deserve.  We consider ourselves blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with the children of our community.