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I will slowly add more and more content to this site.  Most of my directions, instructions, and assignments will be clearly given and repeated in class.  Once I figure out how to run this new website I will post a weekly picture of our schedule board for those parents and students who may find it helpful.

Enjoy your day, and have a GREAT week!!!

Week of November 12: 

8th Grade: Our 8th Grade Unit 3 Test is on Thursday.  Study Study Study!

Retakes are available.  If students ask me about scheduling a retake they will be able to take the retake the following day.  Next week before Thanksgiving will be a perfect time!

7th Grade: The 7th Grade Unit 3 Test is on Friday!  STUDY hard!  For 7th graders who are struggling I have offered to hold study sessions after school this week.  If you have questions make sure you talk to me!

Next week (before Thanksgiving) would also be a good time to take retakes!  Talk to me the day before to schedule your retake.

6th Grade: Our Minnesota Posters were due on Wednesday.  Make sure students turn theirs in! Remember 10 symbols of Minnesota (picture and words) are required along with color and effort.  On Friday we will be starting a Mini Native American Unit (the original or first people of Minnesota).