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I will slowly add more and more content to this site.  Most of my directions, instructions, and assignments will be clearly given and repeated in class.  Once I figure out how to run this new website I will post a weekly picture of our schedule board for those parents and students who may find it helpful.

Enjoy your day, and have a GREAT week!!!

Week of January 7: 

Last Week to turn in Missing Work this quarter!!!

8th Grade:

This week we will be finishing out Unit on SW Asia (Middle East) and taking a Test at the end of the week.  Students, make sure to review your notes as well as the quiz you will be getting back.

Make sure your Europe Projects have been turned it.  Students have received their grades and project comments.  Overall, I was really impressed with so many nice projects.  The most important part is to hopefully use this project as motivation to actually travel in the future.  It is easier than you might think.  It will also change your life forever!


7th Grade:


This week we will be wrapping up the Causes of the Civil War and starting our New Unit on the Civil War itself.

6th Grade:


This week we will be starting our New Unit on Westward Expansion and the development of the Territory and State of Minnesota.

Our Fur Trade Business Plan was due on Thursday.

I explained it in class so most students have a good idea what needs to be included.  By creating a real business plan students can see and understand what Fur Traders went through at that time.  An overview of the Business Plan is below.  Remember, this is a business in the Fur Trade Era, not today.

Business Name

Mission Statement

– Overview of your Business)

Financial Plan

– Calculate Profit ($ coming in – costs)

S.W.O.T. Analysis

– Strengths

– Weaknesses

– Opportunities

– Threats

Marketing Plan is optional (Advertising / Signs)