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Most of my directions, instructions, and assignments will be clearly given and repeated in class.

The year is winding down!  Make sure to get all assignments in soon and keep those grades up during the last few weeks.

ALSO: Plan on reading everything you can get your hands on this summer!  Come into next year ready to go!  Each step you take gets you closer to your DREAMS!!!!

Enjoy your day, and have a GREAT week!!!


Week of May 6: 


8th Grade:

South America & Africa Unit

Presentation in class on Friday 5/10/19

Topic: 1 country in South America AND the country of South Africa

  • Partner or Individual Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Individually Graded
  • 1-2 minutes per person presentation


  • 4 = Above and Beyond
  • 3 = Exceeding
  • 2 = Meets Expectations
  • 1 = Almost Meets Expectations
    • Required:
    • You need to include both Human and Physical Geography
      • Climate (Climagraph)
      • Economy
      • Political
      • Current Events
      • Demographics

Rochester Development Project = Due: Monday 4/29/19

Question: How would you redesign Rochester, MN for yours to Rochester

Required:5 vocabulary words as you are describing how you would change Rochester to fit your generation.


– Rochester Map

– Key/Legend


How would you redesign Rochester, MN to benefit your generation?

– 3 Areas (Urban Core, Urban Fringe, Rural Fringe)

– 5 Vocabulary Words from Ch. 5 included in your changes

– Written Section: Include the 5 vocabulary words and describe how you would change Rochester to benefit your generation.  Rochester will be changing anyway, so how would you change it?



7th Grade:


8th Week is right around the corner!  Please talk to me about your missing assignments.

Current topic =  Cold War

Current Assignments =

-WW2 and Cold War Pamphlet (Must contain detailed information about each section along with a picture in each section)

– America Story of Us “Boomers” Video Worksheet

Past Assignment Instructions:

Web Site Invention = PAPER Versions will be accepted

If your Invention Web Site still shows a missing score either show me your site personally or create a paper version.


– 2 Blog Posts (About the Invention / Sell the Invention)

– 1 Paragraph about the Invention

– At least 1 picture

* Try to make the Web Site as unique and professional as possible. Add Marketing techniques which we went over in class (branding, taglines, color, etc.)





6th Grade:


Current Topic = MN during the Cold War

Next Topic to finish the year = Modern Minnesota

Current Assignments:

WW2 and cold War Pamphlet

America Story of Us “Boomers” Worksheet

Retakes if needed on the WW2 Test

Past Assignments:

– WW1 Review Worksheet

– WW1 Fill in the Blank Worksheet