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Brandon Greenfield

High School English Teacher

English 9 and 10 Syllabus

English 9 and 10 Syllabus

Brandon Greenfield


School: 507- 477-3235


Course Description: English 9 and 10 is an exploration of literature: drama, poetry, short story selections, and novels, including—but not limited to—“Most Dangerous Game”, “The Lottery”, Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey, Edgar Allan Poe stories and poetry and 13 Reasons Why. Freshmen also cover vocabulary and usage of Greek and Latin roots to determine meaning in new/unfamiliar words.

Attendance and Make-up Work: See Grading for Learning information.

Tardies: If not in your seat by the time of the bell ringing you are considered tardy. Three tardies

Required Materials: Notebook (for exclusive use in English class), black/blue ink or pencils are fine. NO GEL PENS!! Composition Notebook for Journals

Classroom Procedures: Respect of fellow students, teachers, substitutes, self, and classroom materials and contents is expected. We are all responsible for keeping the room looking neat and clean. Disrespect for another race, sex, religion, etc. will not be tolerated and may be referred to the proper authorities, such as the school’s human rights officer.

Students are to bring their English book, English notebook, English folder and writing utensil to class every day. Locker passes are not issued. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period, unless stated otherwise. Assignments turned in any time after the initial collection are considered late and will be graded per the new Grading for Learning policy.

Bathroom passes are issued as needed. Students are expected to use either the beginning or end of class time when necessary. Interrupting class lesson is not allowed except in emergencies.

Students will remain in assigned desks until the bell signals the end of the class period.

Students will not be allowed to consume food and/or drink in the classroom.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for further information regarding the school’s discipline policy and student responsibilities.


Assignments: Students will complete selections from The Language of Literature text, worksheets, graphic organizers, study guides, projects, quizzes, tests following reading selections; and various reading, writing, and speech assignments. Most work will be done individually, but some group work will be required. Students will also receive some lecture information, for which they will be responsible for taking notes.


Extra credit assignments will not be issued; it is expected that the student be responsible for doing his/her best on each and every assignment.


Grading: See the new Grading for Learning policy for specific information.