(507) 477-3235 9 Sixth Ave SE, Hayfield, MN 55940

Nikki Smith & Kathleen Schroeder

Hayfield Kindergarten Teachers

All About Mrs. Smith

Getting to Know Mrs. Smith

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Hi!! I am Mrs. Smith. I will be one of the Kindergarten teachers this year. I am thrilled to be sharing this job with the amazing Mrs. Schroeder. We are teaming up this year in order to give your child the BEST education possible.

I actually grew up in Hayfield and most of my family still lives here! After graduating from Hayfield, I went to Sioux Falls, SD to get my teaching degree, and it was there that I met my husband Mark:)

We live on an acreage just outside of Rochester. We LOVE country living and have a lot of fun adventures:) 

We have two fabulous BLONDE boys: Barrett is 6 and Brecken is 4 AND we JUST had a beautiful baby girl named Kinsley!  I can’t wait to spend time with my own children while also teaching your children to be the most well-rounded student/individual I can.

YAY for Kindergarten!!!!