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Danielle Tesmer

About Ms. Tesmer

Hello! I’m Ms. Tesmer. I grew up in Eyota, Minnesota  and graduated from Dover-Eyota in 2006. I attended Winona State University and graduated from there in December of 2010. I completed my student teaching at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota (North Shore). It was a fantastic experience! At Wolf Ridge, I learned how to incorporate hands on learning in my classroom.

My first teaching job was at the Walker-Hackensack- Akeley School District. I taught 6th grade  for three years. The next two years I taught 6th grade in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. Now I’m  teaching 6th grade at Hayfield Middle/High School. I’m very excited  about being here!

My family still owns a farm outside of Eyota, Minnesota. I have two brothers. In my free time, I enjoy running and binge- watching a few of my favorite  TV shows (Friends and Big Bang Theory).