(507) 477-3235 9 Sixth Ave SE, Hayfield, MN 55940

Donna Rutledge

Hayfield 2nd grade Teacher



**Please add up your September reading minutes and write it in your child’s planner.

*Our field trip to the Hormel Nature Center and the SPAM Museum will be on Wednesday, Oct. 17th.  Each student will need to bring a sack lunch/beverage or order one through the school.  Please remember to dress in layers.

A peek at the week…

Reading-Unit 1 Review/Test

Math-Place Value with Hundreds, Tens, Ones, expanded form, value of numbers, number names, count on by 10s/100s, number patterns

Science-Seeds, How plants grow

Social-Urban, rural, suburban areas

*Students may bring an item to share on Fridays.