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Emily Stenzel

All About 2nd Grade

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

This packet contains information about 2nd grade. Please refer to this when you have questions.

Student Planner:

The object of a student planner is to help students become organized and responsible. It is also a great tool to help students keep everything in one place. On the weekly calendar page (p. 25), there is a space to communicate with your teacher. Please write any important messages or notes to us on the correct date. Please initial the planner in the white area each day and return it to school.

Reading Minutes/ Fluency:

The reading fluency goal is 106 words per minute by the end of 2nd grade. We expect students to spend 20 minutes or more a night reading. This means that each student should be reading at least 100 minutes per week. Have fun with this! Build a tent and read inside, read with a flashlight, try reading out loud, silent reading, or reading with a parent/family member. We encourage having your child read out loud to you. The goal by the end of second grade is to have students reading well out loud and also reading silently to themselves. All students will be expected to record the amount of time spent reading each night on the appropriate page in the student planner. The September reading minutes can be recorded, starting on p. 23. At the end of the month, please total the number of minutes for that month. Teachers will record reading minutes at school. Students will be given different rewards for every 1,000 minutes they read.


15 words will be assigned each week. These words will come from stories we read that week. On Monday the spelling list will be sent home. On Wednesday, a pre-test will be given. If your child gets all 15 words right, they will receive the challenge list. This will not count against your child’s spelling grade. It is meant to extend their spelling and vocabulary. If your child misses any words on the pretest, they will try again on the final test on Friday. We will send a spelling practice sheet home to help them study. I encourage you to check out Spelling City to help practice for Spelling (you can find the link on my school website). I will put up each week’s new list of words. The website generates a variety of fun and engaging activities using these spelling words.


We will be practicing addition and subtraction facts to 18. 2nd grade students should be able to master 90% in addition out of 100 problems. They will be expected to master 70% in subtraction out of 100 problems. They will be given 5 minutes to do this. We will be testing on this every quarter. We would appreciate your help with this at home. Please help your child memorize the facts. We will be practicing the facts using rocket math at school.

Accelerated Reading:

Every student in second grade will be involved in Accelerated Reading. This program allows your child to read books and then test for comprehension.

Students will choose books to read out of the library that have small tags on the binders of the books. The different colors represent different reading levels. After they read the story, they will take a 5 or 10 question quiz on a computer. Students should strive to get 80% or higher on tests.

Our goals for AR in 2nd grade are:

-to make students comfortable using the AR program

-to get students used to picking out books on their reading level, to be able to read them, and then test on these books

-to start setting monthly individual goals for AR

Each of our classes will be using the library 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. This is not the only time students can read AR books. They can check them out on their own, read them at home, and then return them to school to test on. We strongly encourage this process.


We will have a color code system. All students will start on the color green each day. If your child doesn’t follow the classroom/school rules, they will be switched to yellow, followed by red. If your child is on red at the end of the day, you will be notified through the student planner, phone call, or email. If your child has excellent behavior, they will excel up the behavior chart to purple! Money will be awarded/taken depending on the choices made by each 2nd grader. I encourage students to work hard and collect as much money as possible to buy items from our class treasure chest!

Star of the Week:

Each week, one student is selected to be the Star of the Week. That student will fill out a sheet of information about themselves. During the week, they can bring in items that are special to them. All items brought to school will be returned at the end of the week. You will receive more Star Student information as your kiddo’s week approaches.

SAC Program:

Our School Age Care program is run by Rachel Dublin. Hours are from 6:00 A.M. to 6:15 P.M. You can reach her at extension 234.


Each child will be assigned a locker just outside the classroom. Clean lockers will be encouraged, especially as we approach the winter season. Please no stickers on lockers.

Snack Break:

We will have a scheduled snack break within each school day. A healthy Snack option is available through the school at a cost of $50 for the year. If you choose not to participate in the snack cart, please have your child bring a snack (please no pop or colored juice.)

Student Absences:

We report these by 9:00 A.M. but please report an absence as soon as you can through phone call, email, or a note in student planners. Along with reporting an absence, please include a reason for the absence. Students who are late need to report to the office before coming to class. Phone calls can be made to Tanya Reiken at (507)477-3235 or email at rieketa@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Birthday Treats:

These must be store bought. Homemade products are not allowed. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his/her ½ birthday at school. We look forward to celebrating with your kiddo!

Let’s Have a Great Year!!

I hope your child enjoys 2nd grade. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 477-3235 ext. 256 or by email at estenzel@hayfield.k12.mn.us.

Sincerely, Mrs. Stenzel