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Emily Stenzel

Spelling Lists

Your child’s weekly spelling lists will come home in their daily folder every Friday. Please take some time to practice these words with your child throughout the week. This will help prepare them for our spelling pre-test each Monday & test on Friday!

Check out the link below for additional spelling practice! I will update this each week with the next week’s words. Once into the site, just click on the lesson you want to practice and it will bring you to different activities/games. Enjoy!!

We will begin spelling the week of September 11-15

Spelling City

Lesson 1:

am, at, sat, man, dad, mat, the, like, we, see

Challenge Words (1):

slam, grass, camp, strap, crab, wrap, scan, brag, chat, that

Lesson 2:

if, is, him, rip, fit, pin, help, with, you, play

Challenge Words (2):

split, crib, skip, twin, skin, drill, clip, flip, twig, quit

Lesson 3:

log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox, look, have, what, for

Challenge Words (3):

spot, trot, plot, drop, snob, slot, clog, rock, dock, frog

Lesson 4:

yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen, they, find, funny, sing

Challenge Words (4):

when, rest, spend, then, bled, shed, neck, pest, test, step

Lesson 5:

up, bug, nut, mud, hug, tub, here, does, who, my

Challenge Words (5):

plus, truck, spun, shut, such, puppy, duck, must, drum, club

Lesson 6:

an, bad, can, had, cat, ran, add, pass, many, good

Challenge Words (6):

hand, pants, flag, chap, shag, snap, grab, brat, glad, clap

Lesson 7:

in, will, did, sit, six, big, trip, grin, every, come

Challenge Words (7):

wing, kiss, slip, spin, chill, skill, still, drip, shin, chin

Lesson 8:

on, got, fox, hop, pop, not, block, clock, of, why

Challenge Words (8):

flock, blot, flop, shop, tock, long, song, boss, toss, rock

Lesson 9:

yes, let, red, ten, bed, get, sled, step, our, would

Challenge Words (9):

then, egg, next, fled, well, smell, deck, peck, west, stem

Lesson 10:

us, sun, but, fun, bus, run, jump, must, was, after

Challenge Words (10):

stun, crumb, lump, bump, trumpet, grumpy, study, trunk, chunk, funny

Lesson 11:

that, then, this, them, with, bath, tenth, thick, give, take

Challenge Words (11):

feather, birdbath, theater, earth, tooth, thirst, thread, Thursday, thumb, three

Lesson 12:

chin, chip, much, chop, rich, chick, match, pitch, their, little

Challenge Words (12):

chimp, march, crouch, crunch, branch, reach, coach, screech, teach, chirp

Lesson 13:

ship, shop, which, when, whip, fish, shell, graph, very, out

Challenge Words (13):

splash, flash, shirt, white, whirl, whistle, photo, telephone, gopher, trophy

Lesson 14:

came, make, brave, late, gave, shape, waves, chases, down, goes

Challenge Words (14):

shade, grade, change, plate, state, strange, paste, cage, space, save

Lesson 15:

time, like, kite, bike, white, drive, stripe, mice, over, into

Challenge Words (15):

strike, twine, quite, while, shine, size, wise, mile, stripe, mine

Lesson 16:

so, go, home, hole, no, rope, joke, poke, stove, bone, chose, wrote

Challenge Words (16):

flute, use, spoke, close, broke, phone, those, stole, stroke, drove, mole, stone

Lesson 17:

me, tree, sea, be, keep, these, read, eat, street, feet, mean, please

Challenge Words (17):

cheese, teach, breeze, dream, queen, leave, beetle, geese, knee, eat, leave, sweet

Lesson 18:

play, may, stay, grain, rain, pain, sail, way, paint, mail, day, spray

Challenge Words (18):

today, replay, brain, birthday, player, claim, airplane, sailor, sway, pray, chair, plain

Lesson 19: 

show, blow, road, row, snow, toad, grow, boat, low, coat, flown, toast

Challenge Words (19):

yellow, elbow, blown, croak, rainbow, grown, flown, roast, soak, foam, throw, flow

Lesson 20: 

bedtime, backpack, himself, sunset, playpen, rowboat, bathtub, raincoat, homemade, flagpole, inside

Challenge Words (20):

Lesson 21:

far, jar, card, arm, bar, yarn, yard, barn, smart, art, bark, chart

Challenge Words (21):

Lesson 22:

Challenge Words (22):

Lesson 23:

look, brook, wood, book, took, hood, good, foot, crook, hook, shook, hoof

Challenge Words (23):

brook, crook, shook, lookout, cookbook, hook, stood, soot, root, bookcase, cookie, firewood

Lesson 24:

Challenge Words (24):

Lesson 25:

Challenge Words (25):

Lesson 26:

Challenge Words (26):

Lesson 27:

Challenge Words (27):

Lesson 28:

Challenge Words (28):

Lesson 29:

Challenge Words (29):

Lesson 30: