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Hayfield High School

Hayfield High School


Hayfield High School is located in Hayfield, Minnesota. Hayfield is a rural community 25 miles South and West of Rochester, 25 miles North and East of Austin, and 25 miles South and East of Owatonna. Hayfield is located in Dodge County.


Hayfield High School is a comprehensive public school with an enrollment of approximately 340 student’s 6th-12th grade. Hayfield High School Students come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Post-Secondary Plan

100% of our seniors have a Post-Secondary plan.

80% of our students plan to attend a two-year or four-year institution.

20% of our students have a military or employment strategy.


We are fortunate to be able to provide each student with an iPad for the school year. The staff and students use the iPad every day and they continue to strive to make the educational experience valuable and exciting.


We provide a small student to teacher ratio in every classroom. Students have the opportunity to explore their interests via technology and hands-on experience in courses like Food Science, Forensics, Pre-veterinary Science, Welding, Web page design, and Pre-engineering, just to name a few. Our students are able to explore their interests to determine the post-secondary path that matches their personality. We have a senior English course students can take for college credit. We will have more courses for college credit next year.

Art, Music, and Theatre

Our students have Art courses, Band, and Choir available to them throughout their high school career. They compete in several annual competitions and travel to different parts of the state and country to perform.

Extra-Curricular Activities

As you look through the extra-curricular tab on our website, you will notice the numerous activities our students are involved in throughout the school year. The coaches and leaders of the activities are committed to guiding our students through life-experiences via extra-curricular activities.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website. We ask you to take the next step and visit our campus to get the real feel of education, safety, and comfort our students have in Hayfield.