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Jeremy Struck

Jr. High Social Studies Teacher

Grading For Learning

Grading for Learning

Academic Grades

Academic grades in the 8th grade will be calculated using a weighted scale of 80% summative assessments (tests, quizzes, papers, projects, presentations, performances) and 20% formative assessments (in-class work, journals, worksheets, etc.) Academic grades will be reported using the uniform grading  A-F scale. In the 7th grade, academic grades will be calculated using the weighted scale of 70% summative and 30% formative assessments.


Summative Assessments (Assessments of learning) are designed to provide information used in making judgments about a student’s achievement at the end of a sequence of instruction.

Formative Assessments (Assessments for learning) are designed to provide practice and direction for improvement prior to the summative assessment.