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Jeremy Struck

Jr. High Social Studies Teacher

Letter to Incoming 7th Grade Parents

Dear Parents,

Success at this level requires a few specific skills. These are items that you may not have had to think about until this year.

Time Management: Students will need will need to prioritize activities, schoolwork first and extra-curricular activities second. If a student falls behind, it is difficult to catch up.

Responsibility: Students will need to bring all of the necessary materials to class every day. They will also need to keep track of homework assignments, tests and projects (USE YOUR PLANNER). Tests are harder; devoting a special time to study will be necessary.

Organization: Students will need to be able to turn in assignments ~ON TIME ALL THE TIME~. This is crucial for academic survival.

Communication: Students, parents, and teachers must be in constant communication. Parents should check the planner nightly for assignments that were given and which were completed in each of the classes. Online JMC will allow you to check your child’s grade, as well as, if he/she is
missing any assignments.

Mr. Jeremy Struck