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Jessica Borsenberger

High School Science Teacher

Biology Student Expectations

Student Expectations:

  1. Bring the required materials to class. These include: iPad, pencil, science book, science folder, science notebook.
  2. You will be in your assigned seat and prepared to learn when the schedule indicates it is time to start.
  3. Raise your hand when you have a question or want to contribute to class discussion.
  4. Be respectful to everyone and demonstrate responsible behavior.
  5. You will follow lab safety guidelines.
  6. Follow school-wide rules.


If you are absent from class, you are responsible for collecting the assignments and turning them in.

If you have been absent, upon your return, you will have double the number of days you missed to make up the work and return it to me. If you have been absent for an extended period of time other arrangements may be made. If that is the case, please talk to me.


Grades will be based on your performance on tests and quizzes, laboratory activities, homework, and projects.