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Jessica Borsenberger

High School Science Teacher

Grading Policy

The following grading scale will be used:

100-94% A                 76-74% C
93-90% A-                  73-70% C-
89-87% B+                 69-67% D+
86-84%B                    66-64% D
83-80% B-                 63-60% D-
79-77% C+                 59-0 %

Summative Assessments (test, projects, and some labs) will be 90% of your grade.

  1. You have the opportunity to re-take a summative assessment within 5 school days of the test/project date.  It is your responsibility to schedule the re-take with me and you must have all of your formative assessments turned in.  The re-take will be the final score for the test/project.
  2. Students in violation of the district’s academic dishonesty policy will have 5 school days to complete an alternative assessment.  I will determine when and where the make-up will be done.  Choosing to not do the alternative assessment will result in a zero.

Formative Assessments or Assignments influence 10% of your grade.

  1. You are responsible for turning work in on time!
  2. Make sure your first and last name is on all assignments.
  3. Assignments turned in by the

          Due Date = full credit

          Deadline (5 school days after the due date) = 90% credit

          8th Week Credit (before the 8th week of the quarter) = 50% credit