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Jessica Borsenberger

High School Science Teacher

Life Science Student Expectations

Student Expectations:

    1. Students will be prepared for each class by bringing a charged iPad (grades 7 and 8), writing utensil, notebook, assignment, folder, agenda, and all other necessary classroom materials.
      1. Consequence: Students who are unprepared will serve lunch intervention on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mr. Howe. Students may not get off the list on the day of. They can read if assignments are caught up. The “slate” is wiped clean after each intervention.
    2. You will be in your assigned seat and prepared to learn when the schedule indicates it is time to start.
    3. Students will not interrupt others’ discussion or instruction. Students will raise their hands and wait patiently to be called on.
      1. Consequence: Students will receive classroom detention to be served at the teacher’s discretion. Be respectful to everyone and demonstrate responsible behavior.
    4. Students will listen the first time information is given.
      1. Consequence: Teachers will repeat/rephrase information for understanding, but not for poor listening.
    5. You will follow lab safety guidelines.
    6. Follow school-wide rules


If you are absent from class, you are responsible for collecting the assignments and turning them in. You will only be given materials that you have missed if you have a make-up slip.

If you have been absent, upon your return, you will have double the number of days you were gone to make up the work and return it to me. If you have been absent for an extended period of time other arrangements may be made. If that is the case, please talk to me.

  • Unless directed otherwise, all student work will be written in complete sentences (starts with a capital letter, uses punctuation, includes at least a noun and verb in a complete thoughts.
    • Consequence: Students will receive half credit for correct answers not written in complete sentences


Grades will be based on your performance on tests, projects, laboratory activities, and homework.