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Kathy Serratore

Hayfield 6th Grade Teacher

Cool Websites

2 Men Fly into Plane ~ Nov 2017

Earth Day – Plastic Bottles  (2 min)
Earth Day – Narrative History (4 min)

Earth Day Slide Show (15 min)

“Prepare for the Science Fair” by Kevin Temmer


Dude Perfect /Giant Nerf Edition

Star Wars Acapella Peter Hollens (5 min)

Double Dutch Videos – Reading Lesson 4

Double Dutch Video (2)

Double Dutch Video (3)

Tom Thum Beatbox (11 min)

The Yellow Line in Football

Hatshepsut – Princess Who Became King (4min)

Snowmobiling Extreme!!! Awesome!! – Levi LaVallee – St Paul MN

Terra Cotta Soldiers (4 min)

Martin Luther King Jr. (3)

Martin Luther King Jr. (1)

Martin Luther King Jr. (2)

The History of the Hindenburg (45 min)

Good Year Blimp Crash (2014) (2 min)

Airship – History (R101) (10 min)


Memorial Day Video(3)(3 min)

Memorial Day Video – Athletes(2)(3 min)

Memorial Day Video – History (1) (4 min)

Korean girl with Slalom Skills – (2 min)

Earth Day – Tiniest Things Matter (2 min)

Fort Snelling – (12 minutes)

Fort Snelling 

Ag Mag – History of Agriculture Timeline

Ag Mag – Apple as a Planet

Ag Mag Virtual Tour – Milk Production

Marian Anderson – Bio (1 hour)

Marian Anderson – Lincoln Memorial

Marian Anderson – biography

Michelle Obama on Ellen Show – Uptown Funk Dance 3-15-15

Faberge’ Eggs

Psanky Egg Video 

Ninja Warrior – Lucia Lutzen – AMAZING

Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota State Capitol (2)

Daichi Beatboxer – “Happy”

Daichi Beatboxer – Michael Jackson

Happy Dance – Farrell Williams

Paper Cranes

 SCIENCE BUDDIES – Great Website to find Science Experiments 

Thomas8april – Math 

 Wheelchair Freestyle – (2015)


STEM SUMMIT Video 2012

I’m Just a Bill – Legally Blonde –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNJOcecJ9nU

Bim-Bum-Biddy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz0dSnaTs2g&feature=related

basejump kjerag… heliboogie – Norway – Base jumping

18 Year in Rap by Flocab – Congrats class of 2014

Classzone Math This link has tutorials and games that follow our math book.

Clay Recipes large variety of recipes

DID YOU KNOW?????? – The World is Changing – This is a glimpse of just how fast!!!!Amazing!!!!

DID YOU KNOW??? (2014 version)

Dude Perfect Basketball Just for fun!!!

Eagles – Live on the Nest Spring Watch

Earth Day video 

Earth Hour 2010 Night time photos from around the world

Fire Safety Video – Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition Timeline
Fire Safety Video – How quickly a Flash Over Happens

Hayfield vs. Kasson3-10-11 – Hayfield freshman Cole Kruger’s last second game-winner

Hibbing: Short History The little town that stood. Approx 10 min video giving a short history of the area.

KEEP Your Eyes on the Road  – Texting and Driving Messages

Kjeragbolten 2 High quality Norway – Boulder wedged in between.

Minnesota Government MN Government and Representatives

Multiplication Lattice Grid – This is a different way for students to compute multiplication problems.

norway link – Visit Norway Link

Puzzle Maker Free version link


Terracycle This company started out marketing non-toxic liquid fertilizer and have branched out to reusing wrappers to be made into saleable products.

Viking Ship – Hjemkomst – Fargo-Moorhead Hjemkomst Center

Where Are You Christmas? Song by Faith Hill from the movie “The Grinch”