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Kellie Baker

High School Art Teacher


Welcome to the art room!



Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” 1889

Welcome to the art room!  Take a look around my site and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!  


While we are doing the flexible learning time away from school, here is what my schedule looks like for your reference:

1st Hour Intro to Art- 8:05-8:47am

2nd Hour Art 7- 8:51am-9:33am

3rd Hour Graphics and Independent Art- 9:37-10:19

4th Hour Painting- 10:23-11:04am

5th Hour Intro to Art- 11:58-12:39pm

6th Hour Art 6- 12:43-1:25pm

7th Hour Prep- 1:29-2:11pm

8th Hour Study Hall (now used at prep)- 2:15-2:57pm

I will be available all day through my email as well:  bakerke@hayfield.k12.mn.us and if you call my school phone at (507) 671-1578, it will get forwarded to my cell phone.