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Kim Severson

Elementary Phy Ed



Fundamental Facts

“Fundamentals” is a program that is available to first grade students.  The program is a hybrid program with characteristics of the Boost Up Program, Brain Gym, and Action Based Learning.  I’m provided the academic content that the first graders are working on.  Reading and math concepts are presented in a movement based setting.

The following thoughts may help you understand the program:

  • Up to 85% of all students are kinesthetic learners-they learn through movement.
  • Repetitive gross motor movements balance brain chemicals that calm behavior, elevate self esteem, and accommodate ADD/ADHD.
  • Exercise increases neural connections in the brain.
  • Exercises that cross midline help the brain to organize itself.
  • Movements like balance and spinning activate the vestibular system (sense of equilibrium) for improved reading, math, and language.  The cerebellum is the movement center of the brain.  90% of reading comes from the cerebellum.
  • Balance improves spatial skills necessary for reading words on a page.
  • People who are the most aerobically fit have the fastest cognitive responses.

Each day we have an “obstacle” course that includes balancing, rolling, climbing, spinning, or crawling activities.  The obstacle course stays the same for two weeks.

Music is an important part of the program.  Feeling and moving to the beat (rhythm) improves language development and silent reading.  Many styles of music are included in the class.  The program is meant to be a multi-sensory approach to learning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.