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Laura Hoebing

High School English Teacher

English 7 Syllabus

Class info

Course Overview

In English 7 we will focus on developing skills such as reading, writing, analysis, communication, vocabulary, research, and other language skills, all of which students will use in future English classes and other subject areas. Major assignments will include reading short stories, novels, drama, poetry, and non-fiction, and writing for creative, reflective, analytical, and persuasive purposes.

Attendance and Make-up Work

Attendance is crucial to success in English 7, and missing class means missed material. Students who are absent are responsible for getting a make-up slip from the office and acquiring any missed notes or assignments. Two class days will be given to make up missed assignments regardless of the length of absence, with the exception of long-term assignments with due dates announced prior to the absence, which will be due the day the student returns to school. For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to begin class when the bell rings. If they are not, they will be counted tardy. A student more than five minutes tardy will be given an unexcused absence, which results in thirty minutes of district detention. Three or more tardies in one quarter will also be considered an unexcused absence with the same consequence.

Required Materials

Students are expected to come prepared to class each day with:

iPad (should be fully charged for school each day)

Notebook to be used exclusively for English (will be handed in regularly)

Pen and pencil


Choice book (must read at least one per quarter)

Any other material specifically requested for that day

Donations of tissues, disinfecting wipes, pencils, paper, books, or other classroom supplies are not required but are always greatly appreciated.


I have three simple rules for my classroom:

  1. My job is to make sure my students are safe, happy, and learning.
  2. My students’ job is to help me do my job.
  3. Students must abide by the Student Handbook.

Because I care very deeply about my students and their success in my class, I work hard to help them achieve success. For that same reason, I will not tolerate any student impeding on others’ right to a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment. Students who fail to abide by these expectations will be given appropriate consequences including parent contact, removal from class, and/or detention.

Classroom Procedures

Assignments are always due at the beginning of class, unless stated otherwise. Late assignments will be graded according to the grading parameters outlined in the Student Handbook (10% reduction for five days, 50% for assignments completed by the end of the eighth week of the quarter).

Students will be given five passes to visit the water fountain or bathroom each quarter. However, I will recognize that emergencies occur and issue other passes as deemed necessary. If extenuating medical circumstances exist, please notify the school nurse who will contact all of the student’s teachers.

Students will remain in their desks until the bell signals the end of the period.

Students will not be allowed to consume any food or drink in the classroom with the exception of a water bottle.

Please refer to the student handbook for further information regarding the school’s discipline policy and student responsibilities.


Students will complete a Daily Oral Language task on Moodle at the beginning of each class period. Most of our in-class reading will come from The Language of Literature text and The Outsiders, and students will also be required to read at least one book independently each quarter and present a book response to the class. The bulk of our grades will come from worksheets, quizzes, tests, and projects demonstrating the specific skills we are developing. Students will also have vocabulary, spelling, and grammar quizzes regularly. We will be doing a mixture of individual and small group work. Students will not be offered extra credit assignments. Students are expected to be responsible for doing their best on each and every assignment.

As explained in the Student Handbook, formative assessments (daily work, worksheets, study guides, and other “practice” assignments) will account for 30% of a student’s grade. Summative assessments (quizzes, tests, and major projects) will account for 70% of that grade. Please refer to the handbook for an explanation of the school’s policies on grade percentages, retakes on summative assignments, academic dishonesty, and late work.

On JMC, the letters LI indicate that work is missing and late, which is counted as 0% in the student’s total grade. The letters HI indicate that the assignment has been handed in but is not yet graded. A completely blank space indicates that the student either has not yet handed in the assignment and it is not affecting his/her grade, or the assignment is handed in but I have not yet graded it. I do try to grade assignments as quickly as possible, but with over 100 students it can take some time for me to get caught up. If you have any questions about what you see reflected on JMC, please email or call me.


I expect students to be responsible for themselves, their success, and their behavior. Students, if for some reason you are struggling with the format of assignments or tests, please talk to me. If you are struggling with a particular assignment, come see me BEFORE the due date so we can work it out together. If you are having any other issues in class or in school, please come talk to me. I am here as a resource to help you with anything you need. Parents, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s performance or behavior or my class in general, please contact me via phone or email.