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Mrs. Talcott

First Grade ABC’s


First Grade ABC’s

Mrs. Talcott’s Helpful Hints for Parents

All day every day – Please help them get into a routine by getting to be early.

Behavior – I will use parts of Responsive Classroom, Love and Logic and Safe and Caring Schools…basically, I expect students to behave in a way that allows learning/teaching to be the focus of the classroom.

Color Code – A way to track daily behavior – there are 4 colors:

Purple Outstanding; exceeding expectations!
Green Ready to Learn; all day, every day. Every student starts here every day!
Yellow Warning-make a better choice; your child needed my intervention to make a choice for his/her learning or the learning of classmates.
Red Stop! – Your child will make a plan to fix what is wrong. Depending on the severity of the problem, you will get a note (or email); a phone call, or your child will visit the principal’s office.

You can stay informed about how your child is doing by checking the daily calendar – your child will color each day to match his/her behavior. Your child needs a fresh start after school, too. Please talk about how your child’s day was! We will use a money reward system for behavior. Children will earn money for positive behavior and can lose money for negative behaviors.

Donations of snacks are welcome in the classroom. We have snack time every day. Your child can bring a snack, or healthy snacks are also available from the school for $50 for the year – a great deal and students LOVE the variety!

Every (almost) Friday your child will have a spelling test. We will have a pretest on Monday; students who already know the spelling list will get a challenge list for the Friday test.

F.I.S.H. Book – Family Involvement Starts Here – your child’s take home and communication folder. It must travel back and forth between school and home every day. Please make sure you and your child go through it daily!

Friday Letters – your child will write to you each Friday to let you know a couple of highlights from their week in school, and give you an opportunity to respond.

Golden Rule is part of our classroom culture – treat others as you would like to be treated!

Helping – Your support at home, with reading, math and spelling are key for your child’s success. Some ideas: talk about your child’s day, limit TV watching and video game time, set aside a special time and place every day for reading, if your child is reading/working be a role model and read, too! I do not plan to send regular homework assignments as research does not show any benefit for first graders. Occasionally there will be projects or unfinished work to do. I will let you know what we are working on in the weekly newsletter and a daily reading habit will really benefit your child.

I love teaching and will work hard so that your child loves learning!

Juggling – schedules, school, and life – it’s a big job!

Kind – kindness matters.

Library class is on Wednesday; book checkout is Monday.

Me – Mrs. Talcott – This is my 29th year of teaching. I am excited to be starting the adventure of first grade with you and your child.

Nightly – check the F.I.S.H. Book daily.


Parents – your involvement is key to your child’s success!

Questions – Ask!! Phone: 477-3236 ext. 295

email talcoli@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Reading – we do a lot of reading at school, and students are expected to spend time reading every night. You can read to your child, that your child can read on his/her own, your child can listen to reading on an app or computer program.

Star of the Week – each child will have a chance to be star of the week. Sharing – it is part of the morning meeting, children will be encouraged to share about themselves rather than things.

Thirsty – children are welcome to have water bottles at school. Treats – your child is welcome to bring treats (store bought) to school to celebrate his/her birthday. If your child has a summer birthday, he/she can celebrate a half birthday!

Umbrellas, boots, hats, gym shoes, sweatshirts…please help your child make good choices about dressing for the weather. Also – please put your child’s name on everything!

Violence of any kind is Not Acceptable.

Writing – research tells us that good writers are good readers. We will work on both!

X-act attendance will be taken daily. Please be at school on time and ready to go! The bell rings at 8:05, and we will get going right away.

You are your child’s biggest role model. If you believe school is important, your child will believe it also.

Zzzzz – make sure your child gets plenty of sleep!.


Let the adventure begin!