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Online Math Series Access

Go to http://macmillanmh.com/ose/

Type in this access code: ADA8B473B2

There are games, addtional practice sheets, practice quizzes, etc. Check it out!!

If you want to go to the site, but not the book, go to www.macmillanmh.com


We will be doing a timed math fact worksheet EVERY day called Rocket Math. Rocket Math is a ten-minutes-a-day, paper and pencil, worksheet-based, supplemental, math facts practice curriculum. It is a uniquely structured curriculum for the sequential practice and mastery of math facts.

First Grade Learning Essentials


Essential learning/key concepts for First Grade Math

First Graders are expected to master these math concepts by the end of their first grade year.

  • create and extend a 4 element pattern
  • count numbers to 120
  • write numbers to 120
  • compare numbers to 120
  • count by 2’s to 120
  • count by 5’s to 120
  • count by 10’s to 120
  • count backwards from 120
  • recognize even and odd numbers to 12
  • count combinations of coins to $1.00
  • add sums to 12
  • subtract sums to 12
  • know days of the week
  • know months of the year
  • complete a blank calendar page
  • identify specific dates on a calendar
  • know yesterday, today, and tomorrow
  • problem solving using addition
  • problem solving using subtraction
  • know time to the hour
  • know time to the half hour
  • create a simple graph
  • interpret a simple graph
  • know and identify plane shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle)
  • know and identify solid shapes (sphere, cube, cone, rectangular prism, cylinder)
  • identify the fraction ½
  • use nonstandard units to measure and estimate length/height/width
  • use nonstandard units to measure and estimate capacity
  • use nonstandard units to measure and estimate weight
  • know place value to hundreds