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Liz Fjerstad

Hayfield Elementary Music Teacher

4th Grade Recorders


4th Grade Recorders


Beginning in January, all HES 4th grade students will be playing the recorder in music class!  We use the Peripole Baroque Soprano Halo Recorder.  If you have this recorder at home, your child does not need to order a new one.  If you do not have this recorder, you may buy one at parent/teacher conferences on September 5th and 6th.  The recorder comes with a case, cleaning rod and neck hanger.  With shipping and handling, the total cost is $6.  (See Mrs. Fjerstad if your child qualifies for free and reduced lunch, as scholarships are available.)  Mrs. Fjerstad will order all recorders in September and hand them out to your children in January.  More information about our recorder unit will be sent out later in the school year.


Recorder Resources:

 You Tube Videos for Recorder: