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Mark Carlson

5th Grade Teacher

Daily Assignments

3-18-2019 (Monday)

Math: worked on test 

 Social:packet and quiz 

Science/Health: humdinger 

Reading: read from story and pd. 123

Spelling: pg. 126

Language: S sheet

Special Note:  have a great Monday !!!!!!!!!!

3-12-2019 (Tuesday)

Math: 9.7

Social: packet

Science/Health: the humdinger

 Reading: cause and effect 

Spelling:corrected 124

Language: concrete and abstract nouns

Special Note:  play fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps  play apex 😛


3-13-2019 (Wednesday)

Math: book review all

Social: D.A.R.E

Science/Health: No Class


Spelling: D.A.R.E

Language: No Class

Special Note:  play video games fortnite   -_-



3-14-2019 Thursday

Math: chapter 9 test

Social:packet quiz

Science/Health: humdinger

Reading: read story

Spelling: author visit

Language: concrete and abstract nouns  fiddle strips


3-15-2019 (Friday)

Math: concert

Social: packet

Science/Health: humdinger

Reading: read story work sheet 78

Spelling:  concert

Language: fiddle strips

Special Note: play apex ps fortnite  rules