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Mark Carlson

5th Grade Teacher

Daily Assignments

5-21-2018 (Monday)

Math:12-7 study for test


Science/Health: turn test or test

Reading:12.3a and 135

Spelling:137 and 138

Language:140, 12.7, 141, and 142

Special Note :bring instruments home

5-15-2018 (Tuesday)

Math: 12-4

Social: studies weekly

Science/Health: Go-Carts

Reading: Extra time with Mr. Howe

 Spelling: Extra time with Mr. Howe

Language: Extra Time with Mr. Howe

Special Note: bring more Kleenex boxes!!!! have a good night:)   

5-9-2018 (Wednesday)

Math: No class

Social: Study weekly

Science/Health:  Go karts

Reading: PG. 3 

Spelling: PG.  139&12.6

Language: Read Story

Special Note: Goodbye From: Nobody likes Jeffy lol From: Jayden Irlas

5-10-2018 (Thursday)

Math: 12/1

Social: Study weakly

Science/Health: go-carts

Reading: Want over art project$

Spelling: No class

Language: No class

Special Note: Play Fortnight Get The W DO NOT TAKE THE L!!!!!: Chad, NO L’S ONLY W’S#FORTNIGHTFORLIFE

5-11-2018 (Friday)

Math: 12-2

Social: Music

Science/Health: Show

Reading: Art

Spelling: Art

Language: Art/Movie

Special Note: Hunter is NOOB at Fortnite!!!