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Mark Carlson

4th Grade Teacher

Daily Assignments

3-9-2020 (Monday)

Reading: Page 3 and page 25

Spelling: pretest

Math: 9.4

Language: Page 223

Science: no class

Health: no class

Social: no class

Special Note: good job helping kindergartners

3-10-2020 (Tuesday)

Reading: Page 18 page 19

Spelling: Page 220

Math: 9.5

Language: page 224

Science: competed matter 

Health: Notes 

 Social: Poster

Special Note: have a good day after school

3-11-2020 (Wednesday)

Reading: Page 23 page 22

Spelling: Page 221

Math: mid chapter check point

Language: page 225

Science: no class

Health: no class

 Social: no class

Special Note:bring in clean ex boxes

 3-12-2020 (Thursday)

Reading: page 217 and page 219

Spelling:page 222 and study for test


Language: page 226

Science: test

Health: notes and worksheet

Social: kahoot

Special Note: have a good day and bring in  clean ex boxes!!!


Reading: test

Spelling: test

Math: 9.7


Science: no class

Health: no class

Social: test

Special Note: bring in clean ex boxes