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Mark Carlson

5th Grade Teacher

Daily Assignments

1-21-2019 (Monday)

Math: 7.1

 Social: Marten Luther King

Science/Health: friction

Reading: new story

Spelling: pg 101

Language: nouns

Special Note: Today was great

1-15-2019 (Tuesday)

Math: 6.10

Social: molasses flood

Science/Health: test

 Reading: no class

Spelling: no class

Language: dependent and independent clauses 

Special Note:  fefe is the best 6ix9ine song


1-16-2019 (Wednesday)

Math: study for test

Social: No class

Science/Health: no class

Reading: read from book study for test

Spelling: sheet study for test

Language: No class

Special Note: Touch em all Kirby Puckett


1-17-2019 (Thursday)

Math: test

Social: no class

Science/Health: no class

Reading: test

Spelling: test

Language: no class

Special Note: no school tomorrow

1-11-2019 (Friday)

Math: 6.8

Social: presentation

Science/Health: Magic School Bus

Reading: No class

Spelling: No class

Language: Clauses

Special Note: Have a GREAT weekend!