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Mark Carlson

5th Grade Teacher

Daily Assignments

5-20-2019 (Monday)

Math lessen 14


Science/Health: Nothing

Reading: packet

Spelling: packet

Language: Nothing

Special Note: yolo



5-21-2019 (Tuesday)

Math: lessen 16

Social: study

Science/Health: test



Language: test

Special Note: bgkjdgjbgbvjhkhrk


5-15-2019 (Wednesday)

Math: lessen 17

Social: assignment

Science/Health: test

Reading: 171

Spelling: 173

Language: home work

Special Note: bring drink Friday.


5-2-2019 (Thursday)

Math: lessen 5

Social: I movie

Science/Health: go-cart

Reading: story

Spelling: took survey

Language: D.A.R.E essay

Special Note:band concert tonight its at 7:30 plz come hi :>

5-10-2019 (Friday)

Math: grp7

Social: the TALK

Science/Health: Art

Reading: 159

Spelling: 162

Language: the TALK

Special Note: have fun~~ choir field trip!!!!!!!!