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Mark Voyce

Brownsdale 3rd grade Teacher

Classroom Discipline Policy

Stay Green !

Every day students start on green. If the student needs a reminder to follow class rules to be more successful, they will change their card to yellow. If they need another reminder to be successful they may change their card to red. When on red the student will get a “Think Sheet.” This sheet explains the choice made by the student and which one of the three “pillars” the student needs to think about to be more successful next time!

Be Respectful                                Be Responsible                                        Be safe

The “Think Sheet” will be sent home, signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school. If the sheet does not come back the student will stay on red until it returns. If the student stays on green all day they will be in a drawing for a prize. If the student is on green all week they are in a drawing for a bigger prize on Friday.