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Mary Carlson

3rd Grade Teacher



Welcome to the 2016-2017

 3rd Grade

School Year!


March Dates to Remember!

Thursday, March 23rd: End of the 3rd Quarter
Friday, March 24th: No School (Teacher Day)
Monday, March 27th: No School

March Birthdays!
Leeann: March 3rd
Mya: March 14th
Seth: March 18th


 Our Third Grade Math Book is On line: 

                  The access code is: E2192996F9

To get right to the website: http://macmillanmh.com/ose/    Type in the access code, and you are there!  There are games, addtional practice sheets, practice quizes,etc. Check it out!!  You can also find activities, problem solving, and a personal tutor for each lesson at: