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Megan Lynch

High School Choir Teacher

Concert Choir Schedule

Take a look at our concert schedule for the year and make sure to clear your calendar to see some wonderful performances

Hayfield High School Choirs’ Calendar


 Date  Time  Event  Place
December 21st 7:30 pm Holiday Concert HHS West Gym
 February 8th  1:30 pm  All-Conference Honors Choir Fairbault BA
 March 23rd  All Day  Small Group Contest  Hayfield HS Choir Room
March 16th  7:30 Choral Concert HHS West Gym
March 31st All Day Large Group Contest Stewartville HS
May 1st 6:00 pm Viking Singers/ Jazz Band Show HHS
May 10th 7:30 pm Spring Concert HHS
May 26th 7:30 pm Baccalaureate HHS
May 28th 7:00 pm Graduation HHS

Events in bold are required as a part of the choir curriculum and graded

Additional dates may be added. You will be notified as soon as they are scheduled or of any changes on the calendar.