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Mrs. Klennert

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Welcome to Mrs. Klennert’s Kindergarten Page!

A New Year is About to Begin!

Elementary Conferences

WHEN:  Tuesday & Wednesday, September 5-6

WHERE:  Our Classroom

TIME:  Parents sign up for a time via an e-mail sent to you through PTC Fast.  Questions?  Contact the elementary office at 477-3236 Ext. 277.

PLEASE BRING:  your child (if possible) & his/her school supplies – any paperwork (i.e. immunizations/health questionnaire/etc.)

* School pictures will be taken at this time instead of during the school day.  Retakes will take place at a later day.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please check back for updates.

The best way to contact me is via email. Please keep in mind that I check my email in the morning (7:30am), lunch (10:30am), and after school (3:00pm). I will try to check it around 2:30pm for updates on after school directions, but please let Tanya know if the office as well.


507-477-3235 Ext. 305

Community Bash[567]

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