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Peter Hayes

High School Health & Phy Ed Teacher

Mr. Hayes


Welcome to Hayfield Physical and Health Education 2018-2019!

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Welcome back after another quick and hopefully enjoyable summer break. This will be my third year teaching at Hayfield  and I absolutely continue to love my profession and opportunity in this district.  The last two years were spent creating, updating, and implementing a district wide health curriculum for grades 6th, 8th, and 10th.  This continues to be my passion between the two subjects I teach as health gives our students the information and reality that make a difference not only in the short term, but the long term in regard to personal health and well-being.  The goal for the current year is to overhaul and implement new instruction and activities within our secondary level physical education classes.  Hopefully, this will provide them with the tools and knowledge to be lifelong learners and movers with fitness and activity.  Overall, these settings have provided me with a great opportunity to work with a diverse and exceptional group of students. These last few years have been a blur; however, they still continue to show and provide many great memories and exceptional experiences that our quality students and staff provide day in and day out.