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Sarah Gunderson

1st Grade Teacher


  • They have 7,000 feathers!
  • From the tip of their tail to their beak they can measure from 36-42 inches, the average 1st grader is 50 inches!
  • Their wingspan is an average of 6-9 feet!
  • Eagles have 3 eyelids, one of them is clear so they can continue to see when they blink, they can spot a fish in the water about 2 miles away!  That is about 35 football fields!
  • Once eagle’s find a mate they stay together until one of them passes away.  They will continue to return to the same nest year after year.  On average their nest is 6-8 feet in diameter but can be as large as 10 feet.  They weigh about 2,000 pounds-that is as much as an elephant!!