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Sarah Gunderson

1st Grade Teacher

First Grade ABC’S

Survival ABC’s for Camp Gunderson

A: Attendance-School starts at 8:05- Please get your child here ON TIME, we have a lot to learn and don’t want to waste anytime!  (Doors open at 7:50)

B: Be safe, Be responsible and Be respectful.  These are the classroom rules and MUST be followed.

C: Color Code- “Have a GREEN Day”  This is the discipline plan in the classroom.  There are four    different colors: Purple, Green, Yellow, Red.  I have high expectations!!  *Each student starts at green at the beginning of everyday*

Green: Happy Camper- Ready to learn, no problems!

Yellow: Warning—You are going taking the wrong trail- slow down, take a breath- This will result in loss of recess and a reflection sheet stating the problem and how they can fix it.

Red: Stop—–you have been warned- This will result in a call to parents and possible principal visit.

Purple:  Junior Ranger!  Being a great example for the other students in class.  Where every student wants to be J

REWARD– $$$$$$$

D: Daily Reading- Your child is expected to read every night.  This will NOT be recorded or on homework.  It is your job as a role model to make this a routine and enjoyable.  We don’t want reading to be associated with a job!

E: Every Friday your child will take a Spelling Test-  On Monday we take a pre-test, if your child gets them all correct they will move to the challenge list for that week.  There will be a spelling list in their F.I.S.H notebooks.  Please practice these words every night.

F: F.I.S.H notebooks.  Family Involvement Starts Here.  This year we will be using these binders to send and receive information.  There is a folder for information to come home or be sent back to school, pocket with spelling words and high frequency words, calendar and paper to write notes if need be.  These will be going home with your child every night and returned to school every day.

G: Guided Reading will be done every day of the week.  This is a time for each child to meet with me in a small group to increase his or her reading ability.

H: Homework-research shows that there is no benefit of homework at this age.  The only homework that will be sent home is unfinished work, or an occasional project.  Take that extra time with your child and do something fun!  Make a fort and read a scary story, write a letter to grandma.  There are many ways to keep education going at home without the packet :) 

I: I love having fun while learning.  I PROMISE to do my best to get your child excited about school, and learning!

J:  Juggling- Schedules, School and life- It is a big job!! 

K: Kind!!!  I expect everyone to use the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way you would like to be treated, be KIND! 

L: Library day.  Your child is able to check out books on Thursday, AS LONG as they bring their books back from the following week.  They will not be able to check out new books until the others are returned.

M: Mrs. Gunderson- I grew up in the Hayfield Community Schools and couldn’t be happier to be teaching in the district. 

N: Nightly information check.  The fish notebooks will be sent home every night.  Please look through them and see if there is anything that needs to be returned or sent back, also to see what homework your child has.

O: Organization:  Together we will try to keep the classroom as organized as possible.  I expect your child to be responsible for their own things and being organized can help that!

P:  Parent Involvement is sooo important to your child’s success.  Please stay involved and contact me with any questions or concerns about your child’s learning.

Q: Questions:  If you have any questions please contact me….

Call: 507-477-3235 EXT-280

Email- sgunderson@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Check out my webpage

R:  Reading is a big part of first grade.  Read EACH and EVERY night!!  There is a lot of new reading information that your child will learn this year!  Make sure to read the decodable readers sent home weekly with our new sight words and phonics lesson.

S: Star of the Week-(Camper of the week) Your child will get a chance to be the Star of the Week during the school year.  They will be able to bring some of their favorite things in to keep here for the week and then something special on Thursday.  Treats are also allowed on Friday fun day!

SNACK-We have snack every day.  Please send a snack with your child if you would like them to have snack.  Snack cart is also available, $50 for the year.  Pay at the office if you are interested.

T: Thirsty- We no longer have a drinking fountain in our room so I recommend sending a water bottle with your child!

U: Umbrellas, coats, boots, sweaters.  Dress your child for the weather!!

V: Volunteer!  We love to show off our reading skills in first grade!  We welcome any volunteers that would like to listen to us read.  Look for a newsletter giving you the times and dates that work for us!

W:  Writer’s Workshop: Writing will take place every day in the classroom.  We will be working on many different kinds of writing that puts our imaginations to work!

X: X-celant!  We are going to have a GREAT year!

Y: You- You are their biggest role model!  What you believe is important-they will believe is important.  If you make school a priority so will they!!

Z: Zzzzzzzzzzz’s matter- Get enough sleep during the school week!  We have A LOT to learn J