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Sherry A. Weaver

English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher


Mrs. Weaver

Homework Academy will start Tuesday, October 2nd. Parents must fill out the form below and return it to the high school office BEFORE your child will be allowed to attend.

Homework Academy 18 19 enrollment

Welcome to English 7 and English 8!

Please note: I do NOT allow cell phones in my classroom. Confiscated phones will be held until 3:00. It will be the student’s responsibility to come in at 3:00 to retrieve their phone. All online activities and exercises are accessible via their iPads.

Headphones and ear buds are also banned, with the exception of study hall use ONLY if ALL work is complete and student is passing ALL classes. Confiscated headphones and ear buds will be held in my room until parents come to retrieve them.

This year begins a heavy-duty year of writing for both grades. Diagnostic essays, vocabulary tests, and grammar/parts of speech tests the first weeks of school will give me an idea of where to begin lessons for the year.

Parents will see the Diagnostic results on JMC once they are completed and graded. Please keep in mind these are NOT used to determine a student’s GPA, nor will it have any effect on a student’s grade.

In May, I repeat the exams so students and parents are able to see the increase in skill levels.

Students will also keep a writing portfolio in class. This is used as a tool for improvement. Portfolios will be shared during conferences, but are not allowed to be taken home or out of the room. Parents may request copies at any time.

I will also have students working in class and online with various grammar sites as they brush up on their writing. They can access these sites using their iPads, phones (at home), or a computer.

Noredink.com will be used weekly for assignments. Students will receive an assignment most Mondays, and those assignments are due by Friday at 3:00.

My goal as a teacher is to encourage students to be creative, read, and think.

The following sites are utilized in my class, along with others we may discover along the way. Feel free to explore:

For Classroom Vocabulary

https://www.sadlierconnect.com/@532261 (Go to Student and Family Resources, Vocabulary Workshop, then Level B)


To build vocabulary: vocabulary.com

For grammar/writing/misc.:






The Preposition Song
Verse 1
Aboard, about, above, across
Against, along, around
Amid, among, after, at
Except, for, during, down
Verse 2
Behind, below, beneath, beside
Between, before, beyond
By, in, from, off, on, over, of
Until, unto, upon
Verse 3
Under, underneath, since, up
Like, near, past, throughout, through
With, within, without, instead
Toward, inside, into, to

Feel free to contact me with questions/concerns/comments, either at my phone extension or via email.