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Sherry A. Weaver

English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher

7th Grade Writing

Writing No Nos for all essays

Expository and Narrative Writing Rubric 7th and 8th grade

Weekly Response Rubric

Weekly writing samples with rubrics



Sample in class research essay

Research guidelines:

3 sources minimum

Arguments for both sides of your issue must be mentioned

Reliable source: no blogs, social media posts, or questionable articles

Sites with .org, .edu, .gov, etc., are usually reliable

Check your source for credentials – what is their profession?

You will turn in 3 paraphrases (more if you choose) by March 29th (last day of school before Easter break); you will have class time to work on this Monday – Wednesday. (Vocab test is Thursday)

Our in-class sample paraphrases are attached. Feel free to model yours after this example.

Enjoy learning about your topic – you may just change your mind!