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Sherry A. Weaver

English 11, English 12, SMSU College English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher

English 12

English 12 will have a heavy emphasis on writing and reading for details and a deeper understanding. Students will also learn to view their world and the many social issues they encounter from more than one perspective.

We begin the year with a variety of mostly shorter  and contemporary readings to introduce students to the wealth of literature available on a daily basis. I will also toss in some classics so they can see how their experiences, and perhaps their views, often mirror those of teens 50, 75, or even 100 years ago (or not). 

The first semester will also include a research paper that will account for a majority of their first semester grade. Students will be expected to turn in a well-researched essay that meets the writing requirements of the course.

This course is specifically designed to polish communication skills in writing and speaking and prepare our seniors for the world that awaits them.

I look forward to a great year!