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Sherry A. Weaver

English 11, English 12, SMSU College English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher

College English

Literature 120 Syllabus 2017 (1)

Due to the nature of the College course, and per instructions from Southwest State University guidelines, there is no Grading for Learning policy in place for the college course. Students will be graded as college students, as they are earning college credit.

This is a college-level course offered for seniors ready to take the next step in their English education. Students will be challenged to read, think, create, write, and share information at a college level.

There is a lot of reading and writing involved in this course. Students will be taught how to access and utilize a college library. There will be NO use of Google, Yahoo, or other broad-based search engines.

It is a challenging course designed to help students view many sides of an issue, and take a stance they can effectively support in writing a research paper.

However, the course is also designed to help students think critically and creatively, so they are ready to embrace the challenges and expectations of college life, and enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning.

I am excited to be your teacher.