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Sherry A. Weaver

English, Yearbook and ELL Teacher

Yearbook and Memory Book

It’s Time to Buy a Memory Book or Yearbook!

Hardcover Hayfield Yearbooks (9th-12th grades) are $30.00!

Softcover Middle School Memory books (6th-8th grades) are $15.00! 

Parents log in to this site to order. You MUST choose the correct pay code. You will be prompted to use this when logging in.


Memory Books are for the Middle School only – grades 6-8. They are $15.00.  Pay code is 90374 – You must know your child’s Homeroom teacher.  These books are delivered the last week of the school year.* We have only ordered 50. Memory books are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Yearbooks are for the High School only – grades 9-12. They are $30.00Pay code is 90375. You do not need to know your child’s Homeroom teacher.* There is not a limited supply.

*Personalization for both books is available ONLINE ONLY.  Parents also have an option of creating a Love Line for your child, a team, or an entire class. It is a creative way to send a message.

Parents who wish to create a Senior Tribute may choose to write a Love Line, or they will be given an option later in the year to submit a childhood photo, along with a personal message, for their graduate.

Questions can be sent via email to: yearbook@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Thank you for all your support!