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What is speech?

Speech is an awesome extra-curricular activity that helps develop public speaking skills, confidence, and creativity. We have individual practices every week and attend meets on Saturdays. Our season lasts from January through March, with the State tournament occurring early in April.

What do you do in speech?

Speech is divided into 13 diverse categories that emphasize different types of public speaking ranging from poetry to comedy to persuasion. A speaker chooses a category and prepares a piece (usually 6-8 minutes) to perform. Speech tournaments usually consist of three speaking rounds and sometimes a final round. Speakers are ranked against competitors based on the criteria of their category, and the top speakers in each category are awarded medals or ribbons for their performance.

Who should join speech?
EVERYBODY! Public speaking is a life skill and speech is a great way to improve it. Speech helps build confidence, poise, friendships, and communication skills. Plus, it’s really fun!