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Why Join Speech?

Allow me to explain...

  1. It will make you more attractive.
  2. There are other attractive people there.
  3. You get medals and stuff.
  4. There is a category for everyone!
  5. It looks good on college applications.
  6. It will make you more confident.
  7. It will make your college speech class a piece of cake.
  8. You get to practice skills you will use in the future.
  9. It will make your parents proud.
  10. It’s super fun.
  11. It will make you more eloquent.
  12. You will learn new things.
  13. Everybody talks, speech kids are just better at it.
  14. It gives you an excuse to dress up.
  15. It gives you something to talk to your relatives about at holidays.
  16. Sometimes we get food afterwards.
  17. It is generally entertaining.
  18. You get to go on fun adventures in the school vans.
  19. You might get an award at the AAA banquet.
  20. You can do it AND be in sports!
  21. You can do it INSTEAD OF being in sports!
  22. It’s competitive!
  23. You could get a speech scholarship for college!
  24. Stephen Colbert did it.
  25. It will build your communication skills.
  26. You get to talk to people who have no choice but to listen.
  27. You’ll learn about weird topics you wouldn’t think of otherwise.
  28. It will make you more well-informed.
  29. Students who do speech do better in school.
  30. You get to hang out with Mrs. Hoebing.
  31. Public speaking is America’s #1 fear. It’s your patriotic duty to conquer it.
  32. You get to make new friends.
  33. It gives you a reason to get out of the house on a Saturday.
  34. You get to hang out with Mr. Greenfield.
  35. You can make your non-speech friends jealous with all your great speech stories.
  36. You get out of homeroom occasionally.
  37. To make yourself a better person.
  38. To be a better communicator.
  39. To have one more thing you’re good at.
  40. Because you WANT TO!