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Head Coach Jeremy Struck

Goals and Philosophies

Hayfield Volleyball

You are a winner as an individual by participating in Hayfield Volleyball. Team success will be judged by a score, but it will never change your status. Your success will not be judged by statistics, playing time or team record, for the standard is your own potential.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Long-Term- To field a consistent contender by maintaining championship program. For student athletes to look back 10 years from now and have some traits developed through volleyball carry over in their present lives. For the time spent with the Hayfield volleyball program to be viewed as a “special time” filled with fond memories and lifelong friends.

  2. Each Season- To be in contention for the title at the season’s end and to add to our existing tradition, leaving a positive past for the future teams to follow. To learn from the past is one thing, to live there is quite another.

  3. Each Game- To be in a position to win at the end of the match.

  4. Each Player- Give a winning championship effort year-round. Players should be recognized for their contribution to winning, not for personal feats or great stats. Players will not be judged by “game playing time,” but on their preparation and contribution to the team.

  5. Each Coach- Be organized, demanding and compassionate. Study the game, evaluate the players, teach, re-evaluate and listen. Stress living the lifestyle of a student athlete which will allow each player to reach his academic and athletic potential.

We are a part of this team, no matter our differences.

We work toward a common goal. As one, we achieve excellence.

Unity is our strength.

Together we win.

Varsity Philosophy

The Hayfield Volleyball program will give each athlete an equal chance to EARN playing time. We expect to put the most competitive team on the court each week at every varsity game.  Players that continue to prove their abilities as the starter will get the most playing time regardless of age/grade. Playing time is a right and no single athlete is guaranteed time on the court.  We believe that practice time is the best time to showcase a players’ ability to help the team be successful on the court. The Varsity coaching staff

Junior Varsity Philosophy

The JV team is an opportunity for players to play and showcase their abilities. It is also a chance to give an opportunity to reward younger players and expose them to a higher level of competition. We do expect our JV team to be very competitive. Those JV players that have shown dedication and hard work may be rewarded with an opportunity to dress and sit on the varsity bench (some may earn playing time as well).

9th grade Philosophy

The freshman year is an adjustment year. Coaches at the 9th grade level realize this to be a transition stage from middle school to high school activities. Ninth grade players may practice different positions, but will start to specialize at a position. Playing time is not guaranteed but coaches will attempt to play players with the idea of providing a successful experience for all.

Philosophy and Procedure on Moving Players up a Level

If there is a player who shows that they are physically and mentally capable of competing for a starting spot at the next level, we will take the steps necessary to do it. The following is a general guideline for moving players up a level.

  1. A need for that position at the next level.
  2. Player is physically and mentally capable of competing for a starting spot and earning playing time.
  3. Player is a good citizen.
  4. Player is in good standing academically.
  5. Player, parents, and coach will meet and discuss the situation if needed.