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Head Coach Jeremy Struck

Practice – Game Day Expectations

General Practice Expectations:

  • Be dressed in a proper manner with gym shoes and clothes.
    • Absolutely no jewelry. This is a safety issue as well as a self-discipline issue. Due to rules dealing with games, and illegally equipped players, this is a good rule and habit to get into.
    • Players may wear sleeveless t-shirts, but torsos may not be exposed (no cut-offs or excessive arm holes).
  • Have nets set up and equipment ready for practice prior to the designated start time.
  • Hustling at all times – Absolutely no walking during practice
  • Practice like you will play in a game
  • Call for the ball prior to contact
  • Shag balls during drills
  • Maintain and keep school facilities clean including: locker room, gym, equipment room, weight room, etc.
  • Pick up after yourself – items found in the gym after practice will have to be earned back.

Game Day Procedures:

  • Game day attire will be decided by the captains of the team. Remember you are representing your team and school as well as yourself.
  • Uniforms will be provided to all athletes. All athletes are responsible for the care of their uniform and it must be returned to their coach in proper condition at the end of the season.
  • Statisticians: JV players will be expected to take turns taking stats for each home and away game.
  • Home Games: All athletes should be ready to play 45 minutes PRIOR to match time.  Athletes are encouraged to watch and cheer on other level teams before or after their match.  This creates great team chemistry between teams and provides an opportunity to learn from other Viking Volleyball Athletes.
  • Away Games: Be sure to check all bus times.  Athletes should be early for the bus.  We will not wait for tardy athletes. Be sure you have all items necessary to play.  Athletes are expected to ride to and from events on the team bus.  Written permission is required to ride home with your parent.  You will be expected to conduct yourselves as the outstanding people you have proven yourself to be.