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National Custodian Day

Posted on October 2nd, 2022

They work while we sleep. Sometimes we walk around them in the halls not always “seeing” them or their work as important. That’s why we love this day, National Custodian Day, which rolls around every October 2. It recognizes the hard work that it takes to keep our public facilities in tip-top shape as well as the people who dilligently work, often at low wages, to make sure we have schools and workplaces that are spotless and sanitary.

Custodians are our first line of defense of the war on germs and often, it’s a thankless task. So, on National Custodian Day, show your appreciation to the custodians who clean the office buildings or schools that you frequent. As far we’re concerned, custodians are the hardest-working people in show business! Thank you Terry, Heath, Shane, Kurt, Alex, Barney

Congratulations Girls Volleyball

Posted on September 26th, 2022

The Hayfield girls volleyball team is currently featured on the League’s Showcase page. Read more about the Vikings and the fight against stigmatizing mental illness, courtesy of the Austin Daily Herald. Click here for the article.