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203 Education Foundation

Grant Program

Click here for the link to request funds from the 203 Foundation.

Guidelines for Funding Requests:

1. Creative and innovative programs and activities that supplement and enhance the educational process are the primary focus of foundation funding.

2. Resource materials that support innovative programming and activities.

3. Other funding resources should be reviewed and considered before submitting funding requests. Foundation funding is not entended to replace usual and customary program funding of  the Hayfield Community Schools.

4. There are no dollar restrictions as to the amount of the request.

5. The requester will be asked to present their request to the Foundation Board if the amount is $2,000 or more.

6. The number of participants served, the cost per participant, and the anticipated educational benefit will be important factors when determining the value and merit of a request.

Who May Request Funds?

1. Typically, funding requests will originate from the school district’s staff.

2. Any citizen of ISD #203, parent, student, or staff member may submit a funding request through a co-sponsorship with a school district representative.

Approval Procedures

1. The Superintendent along with Foundation members will review each request to ensure compatibility with the overall school district educational objectives.

2. Requests submitted by the first of each month will be reviewed by the Program Committee during the monthly meeting.

3. The Program Committee, along with the Foundation offices, will review each request and make one of the following recommendations: approval, denial, or request more information.

4. If the requester is denied funding, the requester has the right to attend the next committee meeting and present more information.

5. Individuals receiving funding must submit a Project Evaluation Form within two weeks of the completed project or activity. The requester may be asked to give a presentation to the full Foundation Board.

Request forms are available in a link on this webpage but may also be picked up in the elementary and high school offices.

The mission of the Hayfield 203 Education Foundation is to work with ISD #203 staff to prepare, challenge, and inspire students for life.