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We will be using JMC Messenger for weather-related notices, emergencies, and other important announcements. Each staff member is responsible to ensure their contact information is up-to-date within JMC.

If you have changes that need to be made regarding your contact information, please contact Tanya Rieken 507-671-1518 or Jess Meek 507-671-1525.


All fundraising activities must adhere to the processes of Internal Controls and must be in accordance with any existing federal, state, or local laws, Minnesota State High School League policies, and policies/procedures of Hayfield Community Schools.

The coach or advisor of the organization, team, or club must complete a Fundraiser Request Form prior to engaging in any fundraising activities. The process for receipting revenues and tracking expenditures must be specifically stated on the form. This form is due to Lila Rehnelt by September 14 and must be approved by the School Board. Participation and/or promotion of non-approved fundraising activities will be a violation of the processes for Internal Controls.

Students may only fundraise for items or equipment that will benefit students. If a student assists in the raising of funds, that student must benefit from its use during their attendance period. All student participation in a fundraising project will be voluntary. Students will not be pressured into participating in fundraising activities. Fundraising sales are prohibited during class times in classrooms.

All funds collected through fundraising must be stored in the office. Please do not keep any money in your desks or classrooms.

The coach or advisor is responsible to receipt and record the revenue generated through the fundraising activity, following the processes that meet the standards for Internal Controls, which includes a first and second count of all receipts. All monies fundraised on behalf of the school district must be collected and deposited with the Business Office within five days of the end of the fundraiser. Monies that are fundraised cannot be donated to another group, organization, or individual. The money raised cannot be used for any other purpose than the one that has been board-approved.

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556.

Fundraiser Request Form


Please be aware that the district maintains a directory of staff contact information. Addresses and phone numbers (land-line and cell) for staff are kept on file.

In addition to contact information, the district does maintain data that is potentially subject to HIPAA and other federal/state privacy rules.

District clerical and administrative staff make every effort to maintain all information that is required to be private as private data. Non-public or private data that we maintain on staff is only released as required by law or upon the staff member’s specific written authorization.

If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556.


Fund 21 & Fund 30 accounts are under board control and are required to follow the general accounting requirements in the UFARS Manual as noted by Minnesota Statute 123B.77, Subd. 1. Fund 21 & Fund 30 accounts under board control are included in the district’s annual external financial audit.

The board must receive, disburse, and account for all funds in the same manner as all other revenues and expenditures of the district as directed by the UFARS manual.

Fund 21 & Fund 30 accounts must follow the processes and procedures as outlined in the Internal Controls Document for receipting revenues and disbursing funds for expenditures. No Fund 21 or Fund 30 account will operate with a negative cash balance at the end of the fiscal year.

A statement of purpose must exist for each student activity with a Fund 30 account. The statement of purpose form must be completed for each Fund 30 account on an annual basis, signed by the advisor, a student representative, and submitted to Lila Rehnelt by October 1. The form will include the same of the student activity, the name of the advisor, an acknowledgement of the receipt of ta Manual for Activity Fund Accounting (MAFA), and acknowledgement of responsibility for assuring that proper procedures are followed. The form must include the following information:
Name of Student Activity
Purpose of Student Activity
Age, grade, and/or interest of students served
Acknowledgment that the advisor has received a copy of the MAFA and responsibilities related to the activity
Name of Advisor – printed, signature and date
Name of Building Principal – printed, signature and date
Instructions for disposal of the balance of the activities’ funds upon termination of the activity
Fund 21 & Fund 30 accounts must not borrow money from any individual or entity (ie., a booster club). The accounts must not loan money to school employees, activity members or any other individual. The accounts may not be transferred to the general fund to support operations.

The Business Office will maintain the financial operations of Fund 21 & Fund 30 accounts, including receipting revenues and issuing disbursements. Disbursements for expenditures will be made via a purchase order, check request, or credit card request. Every receipt of revenue and disbursement for expenses must be prepared and approved by a student representative, the advisor, and the administrative designee (superintendent or building principal). For elementary Fund 30 accounts, the student representative approval is not required.

Guidelines for the establishment, management, and audit of Fund 30 accounts include the following.
Activity fund development and fund management are grounded in board policy and written procedures.
Student activity funds are used for student activity purposes and for those students currently enrolled in school.
There is an adult of record who is primarily responsible for the management of the fund.
Decisions regarding disbursement of money from a Fund 30 account cannot be made unilaterally by an administrator or faculty member.
Participation by students must be supported by minutes, student signatures on purchase orders, check requests, and credit card requests.
All transactions are open to inspection.
Fund 30 accounts are managed in accordance with sound business practices.
The size of the account is limited to a reasonable amount.
Fund 30 accounts are audited annually.
If you have any questions regarding the management of Fund 21 or 30 accounts, please make arrangements to meet with Amber Uhlenhake 507-671-1551 and/or Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556 at your earliest convenience.
Fund 30 Student Activity Statement of Purpose Form


The parking nearest to the entrances of the buildings will be available to those who are visitors to our campus. All staff are requested to keep these spaces available for visitors.

At Hayfield Elementary and High School, staff parking is located on the west side in front of the buildings (parking spaces that face the street). Additionally, behind the HES building, staff parking is available on the east side of the “island” just beyond the area where buses load and unload. Behind the HHS building, staff parking is available immediately to the east of the East Lobby entrance.
If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556.


Please be advised that Hayfield Community Schools and buses do make use of video surveillance in our buildings and vehicles. There are varying degrees of capability in the building units, but all of these units are “live” 24/7/365.

Please be further advised that while many of these units are obvious to students, staff, and visitors, for equally obvious safety reasons, information regarding the specifics of the system including: location, number of units, specific capabilities, etc. will not be discussed by any of the staff who have access to this information.

While we use this system to help us provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn and work, this is only one tool. Your continued vigilance in every respect with regard to: visitors, student discipline and supervision, building security, and adherence to policy continues to be of critical importance.

If at any time you see or hear something that does not appear to be “right,” please let your supervisor or any administrator know immediately.


Please review the Financial Memo at the link below. It is a summary of the Internal Controls document that has been approved by the School Board.

All staff are responsible for the information provided in the Finance Memo.
If you have any questions in this regard, please contact Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556.
Internal Controls Document


Clerical, Custodial, and Paraprofessional Staff:

We will be continuing to utilize the online program, TimeClock Plus, for clocking in and out. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

Each employee is responsible to clock in and out for themselves. Employees are not permitted to clock in and out for another employee.
Employees will clock in and out while on the school campus. Employees must be on campus to clock in and out to start and end their work day.
Employees will clock in and out at the times that are aligned with their assigned work hours. Clocking in before or after regularly assigned work hours must be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor.
In the event that an error is made when clocking in or out, the employee must notify their immediate supervisor and Amber Uhlenhake (Business Manager) 507-671-1551 as soon as possible.
Amber Uhlenhake will be reviewing TimeClock Plus on Monday, August 31st, 2020

All staff are responsible for the information provided in the Employee Handbook and will need to sign the Acknowledgement Form (last page) and return to Lila Rehnelt by September 30th, 2020
2020-2021 Employee Handbook


This is a reminder to staff who have a web page on the district website (ie., primarily certified staff) to update these pages with current and up-to-date information no later than September 30, 2020.

As you may be aware, community members and parents are seeking information about our districts, schools, and teachers on a regular basis. As soon as parents and students are made aware of who their teachers are for the coming year, many are going to the website to seek out the information that is available on school and teacher webpages.

If you have any question or would like support in this regard, please contact your building principal or Brian Bartley 507-671-1500.


Anyone planning to use a Type III vehicle must complete this training prior to being granted access to a school vehicle. Training will be September 3rd and 9:00 AM (during Back-to-School Workshop). If you miss the training, please contact Salena Knudson at 671-1612.

The purpose of this email is to provide you with a brief overview of the requirements for operating Type III vehicles (school vehicle). These regulations have been in place for several years and are found in MN Statute 171.02. It is understood that this information may reflect changes in previous practice, however, the statute is clear in what is required for those who drive a Type III vehicle.
Anyone driving a school van must be an employee of the school district. Volunteers, parents, or other community members are not permitted to drive a school vehicle.
Annual training for anyone driving a school vehicle is required and shall include:
Behind-the-Wheel training with Salena Knudson (Yearly – 15 minutes)
Safe operation of a Type III vehicle;
Understanding student behavior;
Knowing and understanding relevant laws, rules of the road, and local school vehicle policies;
Handling emergency situations;
Proper use of seat belts;
Performance of pre-trip vehicle inspections; and
Safe loading and unloading of passengers.
Annual training is required for individuals using a school vehicle for any reason, including the transportation of adults and/or students.
In addition, the driver’s license of anyone using a Type III vehicle must be verified annually as well.
Please be courtesy to the next driver and fill the tank with gas. Also, throw garbage away and clean up any spills.
If you have any questions or need additional information, please please contact Lila Rehnelt 507-671-1556.