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Message from Superintendent Gregg Slaathaug

Dear District 203 Residents that live in Dodge County, 

Below is an email I received from Lisa Kramer, the Finance Director at Dodge County.  

It was recently noted that there is an error on the TNT notices. I apologize for this error.   The referendum market value rate for Hayfield School District (ISD 203) was calculated incorrectly by omitting the cross-county values.  For Hayfield School District 46% of the value is outside Dodge County, so the rate was overstated resulting in artificially high school tax.  Because it is the Referendum Market Value tax this will only impact residential property both homestead and non-homestead, commercial/industrial, and ag house, garage, and 1 acre (the homestead).  RMV tax is not levied on remainder ag land.  If you would like your school tax recalculated, please contact me by email.  I will be happy to help.  My email address is:    lisa.a.kramer@dodgecountymn.gov

Lisa A. Kramer

Finance Director

Dodge County

721 Main St N, Dept. 45

Mantorville, MN  55955

Thank you, 

Gregg Slaathaug