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Brandon Greenfield

High School English Teacher


Welcome! My name is Brandon Greenfield and I teach English at Hayfield High School.

A Few Things About Me
I grew up in Byron, Minnesota (Don’t hold it against me) and graduated in 2005. Once I graduated I started to work on my undergrad and Minnesota State University at Mankato, where I graduated in the winter of 2010. As of Spring 2014, I was able to graduate and get my Masters Degree in Education at University of Phoenix Online.

Work Experience
After college, I was able to get a job in Phoenix, Arizona. I worked there for two years and found it such a rewarding experience. Living in Phoenix was such a unique experience that I really did feel like a fish out of the water with the different setting, cultures, and weather. I really learned a lot in the couple of years that I lived there. Now I am in the great city of Hayfield and while it is definitely smaller and quieter. I have truly enjoyed my experience here and look forward to many more years ahead! I’ll admit I do miss the Phoenix winters!

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Prepared are the mantra of my classroom. I have high expectations in my classroom and these are the basis of everything in my room. I expect the students to be respectful to each other, to me and to the materials that they and others bring to the classroom. Being prepared is another factor. You need to be prepared where ever you go and that is especially true for my classroom. Lastly, responsible is the crucial factor to my classroom. Students need to learn to be responsible and it is their responsibility to remember their homework and due dates. These children are growing up into young adults very fast and it is imperative they learn how to be responsible for themselves now, so they can be successful in their future.

Classes I Teach Every Year:

9th Grade English

Possible Classes I May Teach:

World Literature

Non Fiction Literature

20th Century Literature

Business and Technical Writing

 Research Writing

Foundations of Writing


Public Speaking

Creative Writing

Creative Writing II


Above is a link to visit my Moodle pages. This will lead you to the English department where you can find the Moodle pages for all of my classes. You will need a password to be able to look around and see any of the really neat things we are doing in class. 

Contact Information

Email – bgreenfield@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Phone – (507) 671-1570      Ext. 1570