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Bryon Meyer

High School Science Teacher

Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Students in Hayfield are required to have 3.5 credits of science prior to graduation.  The required classes are:

9th Grade- Physical Science (1.0 Credits)
9th Grade- Earth Systems (.5 Credits)
10th Grade- Biology (1.0 Credits)
Junior/Senior- Choice of Chemistry or Applied Chemistry (1.0 Credits)

The following electives are also offered at Hayfield.  Please see the course catalog for additional information.

Science Electives Offered in Hayfield

*General Chemistry I & II (1.0 Credits)
Physics (1.0 Credits)
Anatomy/Physiology (1.0 Credits)
Astronomy (.5 Credits–Every other fall semester.  Currently offered in fall 2020)
Forensics (.5 Credits-Every spring semester)

Bio Ethics (.5 Credits-Every other fall semester-Next offered in fall 2021)

*CIS Course- General Chemistry is available for college credit, 5 college credits for General Chemistry I in the fall, and 5 credits for General Chemistry II in the spring.