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Nikki Smith & Colleen Fish

Hayfield Kindergarten Teachers

Class Rules

Kindergarten Rules

  1. Be Safe (indoor and outdoors, walking feet in hallway and classroom, keep hands and feet to self)
  2. Be Respectful (treat others the way you would like to be treated, raise hand, listen to others, use school property with care, use inside voice in our classroom, share with others, be a good sport)
  3. Be Responsible (follow directions, clean up, homework, morning jobs: hang up backpack-put folder on top of cubby-signature-gym shoes on-find birthday- lunch/milk stick-library books in bucket-center choice)

Give Me 5…eyes on speaker, ears are listening, mouth is closed, hands are here, feet are still, give me 5, give me 5.  We usually sing this song as we are getting ready to leave our classroom and enter the quiet hallway. We also make a class mission statement together.


Smiles, Praise, Class Cheers, Certificates, Free Choice Center Time, Classroom Parties, Go Green Slips, Prize Tub!

We also will work together to fill our “popcorn bucket of politeness” with good manners.  If we fill it up, we will have a popcorn party. 


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Move Card to Yellow or Red
  3. Loss of Center Choice Time
  4. Contact Parents-Note, Phone Call or Conference
  5. Principal is involved


Purple: Students have the chance to “rise above” and be better than they’ve ever been.

Green: Student is following class rules & expectations.

Yellow: Student must slow down and think about their actions.

Red: Student needs to stop inappropriate behaviors.

Please read and review periodically with your child.  Help him/her maintain a classroom of character.  Together, we can make a difference!