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Cross Country

Head Coach Kellie Baker

Lettering Requirements

Lettering Requirements:


1.  Attendance at all practices or prior excused absence approved by the coach.  Students that are absent from school due to illness or another school function are excused. 


2.  Attendance at all meets unless previously excused.  Students that choose to compete in a non-school sport instead of a scheduled meet or practice will not letter.


3.  Achieving 20 points with the following criteria:  2 points for attendance, 1 point per JV race, 1.5 points for JV/Varsity race, 2 points for Varsity race, 4 points for Conference and Section races. (will probably change due to Covid and how schools can actually hosts meets)


4.  Any athlete who misses a meet due to academic ineligibility or a MSHSL violation (chemical or code of conduct) is ineligible to receive postseason awards, including letters, or serve as a team captain for the season in which the violation occurs and/or the penalty is served.


5.  Conduct becoming of a varsity athlete and making a significant contribution to the varsity team.


6.  Coach’s Discretion