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Mrs. Masching

Ms. Masching’s Expectations for Science

Success in sixth grade is easily accomplished by following these simple rules:

A. Have the following supplies in class EVERYDAY
1. Pencils (sharpened before class begins)
2. Notebook/Folder
3. Assignments
4. Agenda
5. Charged Laptop
B. Be on time to class.
C. Students will actively participate in their learning by completing all practice work on time, asking questions, contributing to class discussions, and working collaboratively with their classmates.
D. Be prepared to think and ask questions.

To create a positive learning environment you should treat others the way you would want to be treated. This includes your peers, your teachers, and yourself.

We have high expectations for all of the students and firmly believe that success is a measure of one’s attitude and work ethic.

Grading is done on a point basis. The lowest percentage to receive the given grade is listed below.
A 94% B 84%C 74%D 64%
A- 90% B- 80%C- 70%D- 60%
B+ 87% C+ 77%D+ 67%F 59% and below

Summative Assessment (test scores, big projects) will be 60% of your grade.
Summative assessments will cover standards being learned within the unit. The assessment will be broken into targets (sections) that measure the entire standard. Each section will be graded on the scale below. Final score of the summative assessment is the total of each section. (A 5-section test would be worth 20 points in the gradebook)

MASTERY – Student has fully demonstrated content proficiency and skill application of the outcomes for the particular target at this point in the school year.
I’ve got it!! I can teach this to another person.

PROFICIENT – Student has demonstrated content proficiency and skill application, although there may be few minor errors.
I’ve got it, but I’m not confident I could teach it.

APPROACHING – Student has demonstrated partial proficiency and emerging skill application with minor errors.
Almost got it.

DEVELOPING – Student has demonstrated major gaps in understanding core content.
I still have questions.

BEGINNING – Student has demonstrated weak or no understanding of core content.
I am completely confused.

NO EVIDENCE – Student has not demonstrated any attempt to understand content.
No effort

Students will have opportunities (required on sections receiving a 2 or below) to re-take summative assessments to reach 85% understanding of standards (in the table above is a 3.5 or 4). Tests will be divided into sections allowing students to only retake the section(s) needed. Re-takes will cover the same content but may be in a different format. Students will be expected to have all formative assessments completed prior to a re-take and may need more practice. A student’s highest re-take score will serve as their final score for the assessment in question. Dates of assessments and previous scores will be logged in the comment section of the assessment
Students in violation of the district’s academic dishonesty policy will have 5 school days to complete an alternative assessment. Time and location of the alternative assessment will be set by me. Choosing to not do the alternative assessment will result in a zero.

Formative Assessments or Practice influence 40% of your grade.
Due dates are final. NO late work accepted (unless needed for summative reassessment).
It is your responsibility to turn in your work on time.

All formative assessments and/or practice assignments will be given points of either a 1 or a 0. Effort in understanding and its process are given the most attention. I am looking at your learning…..you are not expected complete knowledge yet. This is your practice!!!! A ) means you have attempted but aren’t yet grasping the information.

Missing assessments will be reflected on JMC as LI which means you have not turned it in. It is figured in your grade percentage as a zero. You will be given a form to fill out why the assessment is not completed that may be shared with your parent.5. ASK FOR HELP.

Anytime that you feel confused, lost, or just want additional help PLEASE ASK!

Email: dmasching@hayfield.k12.mn.us

Phone: 507-671-1533