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ACT Code Numbers for Colleges and Scholarship Agencies link

ACT College Readiness Benchmarks:  Link
These indicate the score level that would indicate a student has a 50% chance of earning a B or 75% chance of earning a C in the corresponding freshmen college course.

Test Overview
Grade 11, ACT- test prep, practice and test descriptions: Link     ACT calculator policy:  Link
Description and delivery date information for the types of ACT reports you will receive:  Link

ACT Sample items
English:  Overview and sample items link
Mathematics:  Overview and sample items link
Reading:  Overview and sample items link
Science:  Overview and sample items link
Writing:  Overview and sample items

Preparing for the ACT Test:
Full-Length Practice Tests, including a Writing Test
Information about the Optional Writing Test
Strategies to Prepare for the Tests
What to Expect on Test Day

ACT standards
Knowledge and skills required to score at different levels.  This resource does an excellent job showing by strand (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing) the progression of knowledge and skills required to achieve a certain score.  The documents includes links to suggestions for how to progress to the next scoring level.  These are definitely worth a look!
WritingACT Technical Manual: Link

ACT Administration Manual State and District Testing (Standard Time) Paper Testing:  Link
ACT Administration Manual State and District Testing (Accommodations) Paper Testing:  Link